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Classical Mechanics

Newton's Laws

Configuration Space, Phase Space

Lagrangian Formalism, Hamiltonian Formalism


Maxwell's equations

Electrostatics, Magnetostatics

Electromagnetic Waves

Quantum Mechanics

Schrödinger's Equation and the Canonical Commutation Relations

Wave Mechanics,

Path Integrals, Pilot-Wave Mechanics and Phase Space Formulation

Special Relativity

Relativistic Equations of Motion and the Relativistic Lagrangian

Minkowski Metric, Proper Time

Poincare Group

Quantum Field Theory

Klein-Gordon Equation, Dirac Equation, Proca Equation and Maxwell's equations and the Canonical Commutation Relations

Second Quantization and the S-Matrix

Path Integrals, Gauge Theory

General Relativity

Einstein's equation and the Geodesic equation

Metrics, Connections, Curvature